Geoffrey – Chapter 1

January 6, 2011 § 3 Comments

I’m just checking in just now so you all know I am tracking but am not quite ready to respond to chapter 1. I should get my book today or tomorrow and will go over chapter 1 again and respond as I go over it. I think that is actually one or more of the ways alchemy works. I take a more intuitive approach as opposed to intellectual. For those that have not seen it, I am including a recent post on my blog which provides some what of an experience of how alchemy works from my perspective. Please click the link and read the post then come back and I will explain what principles of Alchemy you just experienced from my perspective, which is the only perspective I can have. If I have someone else’s perspective, then It’s mine:-)
Welcome back! What you experienced is defiantly Spiritual Alchemy. It’s purpose is to assist in raising your consciousness frequency from dense lead spirit to shining gold spirit. It might be Psychological Alchemy if we can consider Archetypes of the new consciousness paradigm. Of course the tapestries and wands are Artistic Alchemy and were consciously designed to function as such. Social Alchemy? I’m definitely attempting to change the status quo through alchemical transmutation of the light bodies. Therapeutic Alchemy? I just possibly took you on a Shamanic journey. Was it therapeutic?
I guess I’m not waiting for the book to post my chapter thoughts.  Love Geoffrey

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