Geoffrey – Chapter 2

January 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

What struck me here was the importance of Thoth and who and what he was. To add to that is the story of Thoth as related by Drunvalo Melchizedek in “The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life” volume 1 & 2. In the mid ’80’s an individual named Thoth manifested in the physical in front of Drunvalo. He was living in the same body for 55,000 years and had seen the sun rise change from the east to the west 5 times. In order to remain in his body so long, he had to do a meditation and energy practice that lasted 3 hours a day. He had come to Drunvalo because Drunvalo had the knowledge of a 17 breath meditation that Thoth could use instead of the one he had been doing. He also over a number of years gave Drunvalo information about earth history and man’s creation and development over the last 55,000 years. Thoth created writing because before the fall of Atlantis, everyone was telepathic and there was no need to write anything down. After the fall, man lost this telepathic ability (with the exception of certain aboriginals) and so Writing had to be developed for learning and record keeping. Thoth and some of his Atlantean compadres also built the great pyramid as well as sacred sights all over the planet which support the creation of the current Christ Consciousness grid. You can find out more about Drunvalo’s work and books at Love Geoffrey


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§ 2 Responses to Geoffrey – Chapter 2

  • Willi Paul says:

    Christ Consciousness grid.


  • Jeremiah says:

    What I find most interesting about this topic are the 5’s, Thoth being 55,000 years old, and had seen the sun rise change from the east to the west 5 times! This numerologicaly provides supporting evidence, there is an ancient and esoteric relationship with Hermes and the number 5, For instance, Hermes 8+5+9+4+5+1=32, 3+2=5, is placed evenly between the prime numbers 1 and 9, as is Mercury, which is also represented by the 5, and there is much, much more. Moreover, The number 5 indicates the stage in life when a person breaks free from their solidified patterns of behavior and searches for new ways of living, could this be the very reason he was seeking a new meditation! Also 55 isn’t a master number however, it is in the family of 1, 55/1,5+5=10, 1+0=1. The number 1 is the number of beginnings, It represents initiation and the initial cause of things, and that is why I couldn’t agree more that Hermes (Thoth)is assiting humanity and guiding souls. Hermes or Thoth is undoubtedly assisting by providing a concrete foundation neccesary in restoring order, balance, and harmony to a field of expression overun by chaos, after the fall of Atlantis. Afterall the 1+0, is again a representation of binary code a form of communication that without this study group would be not be possible!

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