William – Chapters 1 & 2

January 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hello Everyone, I missed out on chapters 1 & 2.

Concerning the assumption posted by Geoffery about Thoth being 55,0000 years old. I can believe that. But the need to get a hold of this fellow to get a meditation technique seems a bit off. After all of those years he is still involved with effort?

My understanding is the Tao is about effortless effort. Stripping away human conditioning is effort. The Tao is wu wei or effortless effort, anyhow. I found the similarity between Taoist alchemy and “Western” alchemy fascinating. I did not realize Alexander the Great was so involved in alchemy.

I knew of the library of Alexandria and its destruction. But somehow did not connect the dots around Alchemy. I feel the search to transmute dense metals into gold, and the desire to keep Alchemy secret, are one and the same. Yes Alchemist were interested metallurgy and chemistry. And longevity elixirs containing mercury and other substances were sought after. However, my understanding is that these references were to hide designed to hide the spiritual transmutation ideas from the public.

Changing the “lead” of human conditioning, into the gold of “real” human consciousness. The code words in Taoist Alchemy is like another language. This is true in the west as well. Alchemists of the west were worried about getting barbecued by the Church. In China, Alchemy is actually speaking about human consciousness, its relationship to the body and unleashing the potential of immortality. Immortality in the sense of inter dimensional existence. The many levels of which are well mapped out and perhaps may become relevant in this discussion later. Taoist in those days felt the masses were not to be trusted with such information. The same could be said today. LOL

I found it surreal that the Muslim/Arabs are so tolerant in history. We have these folks so demonized today. Thank Goddess the Moors occupied Spain, or we may well not be having this discussion. Interestingly, women both east and west were and are very involved in Alchemy. I found Jabir ibn Hayan to be a fascinating character. Saving texts from the Alexandria library. Correcting the experiments of Pythagoras, Plato and others. Creating the idea of the philosophers stone. What a genius. The Philosophers stone is the same idea as the gold pill or the pearl in Taoism. Which we will discuss in Chapter 9 I believe. This is fun!


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