Diana & Actaeon

February 5, 2011 § 3 Comments

Aristotle boasts of being able to arrive at the desired booty by means of the imprints of tracks and vestiges, while he believes the effects will lead to the cause, although he, above all others who have occupied themselves with this sort of chase, has most deviated from the path, so as to be able hardly to distinguish the footsteps.

Theologians there are, who, nourished in certain sects, seek the truth of nature in all her specific natural forms in which they see the eternal essence, the specific substantial perpetnator of the eternal generation and mutation of things, which are called after their founders and builders and above them all presides the form of forms,* the fountain of light, very truth of very truth, God of gods, through whom all is full of divinity, truth, entity, goodness.

This truth is sought as a thing inaccessible, as an object not to be objectized, incomprehensible. But yet, to no one does it seem possible to see the sun, the universal Apollo, the absolute light through supreme and most excellent species; but only its shadow, its Diana, the world, the universe, nature, which is in things, tight which is in the opacity of matter, that is to say. so far as it shines in darkness.

Many then wander amongst the aforesaid paths of this deserted wood, very few are those who find the fountain of Diana. Many are content to hunt for wild beasts and things less elevated, and the greater number do not understand why, having spread their nets to the wind, they find their hands full of flies. Rare, I say, are the Actaeons to whom fate has granted the power of contemplating the nude Diana…”

From Gli Eroici Furori (The Heroic Furies) – Giordano Bruno


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§ 3 Responses to Diana & Actaeon

  • Willi Paul says:

    The art – and experience in – modern transmutation is best seen as a process (or journey) and not a result. See:

    Transformed as if in a Dream: Alchemical Transmutation and Our Sacred Earth. Interview with Michelle Ramona Silva, PhD. http://www.planetshifter.com/node/1645


  • Apeiron says:

    All the fault and cause of difficulty in Alchemy, whereby very many persons are reduced to poverty, and others labour in vain, is wholly and solely lack of skill in the operator, and the defect or excess of materials, whether in quantity or quality, whence it ensues that, in the course of operation, things are wasted or reduced to nothing. If the true process shall have been found, the substance itself while transmuting approaches daily more and more towards perfection. The straight road is easy, but it is found by very few.

    If you hear any one speaking against practice you may be absolutely certain that they do not understand it. They may claim to understand it, but that is nothing to the purpose. Ask such a one what is the stone they hold and you will see how soon the balloon will be punctured.

    From the article, Ramona, “an essentially Marxist thinker,” appears to understand the Art on merely academic grounds. In our Art we are shown one is only safe for eternity who is sheltered behind the finished Work.

    “I needed a new language to look at artifacts that deserve far more analytical attention because of their political implications.”

    “Alchemy is preserved today as metaphor, rather than as a practice.”

    “alchemy as a type of search for the Holy Grail, The Fountain of Youth; a never ending fruitless quest for a constantly receding end point.”

    “most references to alchemy are merely meant as useful metaphors to some process of transformation.”

    “I would be hopeful that knowledge of alchemy and its particular status as a scientific dead-end ought to teach us to stop cluttering the earth, and outer space for that matter, with our garbage.”

    “I do think alchemy is alive today but not obviously in the manner in which it was practiced by the ancients. But alchemical transformation may be more of a warning than a boon.”

    “Alchemy is still inextricably linked to the idea that you can change base metal into gold”

    What has any of this to do with the Great Work?

  • Captain NEMO says:

    Dear Apeiron,

    That’s not Alchemy at all, but just a tedious and common intellectual exercise. Nothing new under the sun.

    As Artephius said: “But these things are so set down by obscure philosophers to deceive the unwary, as we have before spoken; for is not this “ars cabalistica” or a secret and a hidden art? Is it not an art full of secrets? And believest thou O fool that we plainly teach this secret of secrets, taking our words according to their literal signification? Truly, I tell thee, that as for myself, I am no ways self seeking, or envious as others are; but he that takes the words of the other philosophers according to their common signification, he even already, having lost Ariadne’s clue of thread, wanders in the midst of the labyrinth, multiplies errors, and casts away his money for naught.”

    People love to forget that Nature does not need us, that she is whithout space and time, and that her teachings are always actual and a mystery to us.

    Captain NEMO

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