Erika – Chapter 5

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

This Sunday, I look forward to a return to prompt posts and video reflections!  Til then…


I stare at those edges, where language becomes impotent and yields to love’s largesse.  I breathe them in… those moments too broad and deep for words.  When you gasp from a soul-surprise or body-burst.  Or loose a piggy-squeal-of-delight ’cause life just served you a bonus.  Or you snorkle a hee-haw-snorty laugh ’cause it’s just so funny, you’d give a rib to make room for its passage.  Or even when you heave-n-howl from the base of your being because you just lost someone who mattered most to you.  Those are the apex sounds of being a human.  And I dig them for that reason.  Because they carry what words cannot.

As does the Language of the Birds.  And thunder.  And waves.  And your lover saying your name.


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