Erika – Chapter 7

February 23, 2011 § 6 Comments

Essential blueprints.

I love this line from page 82:  “The Elements are really spiritual essences and originate in the higher realm Above, where they represent perfect images or cosmic ideals.”  Plato described them as “idea-forms.”  I’ve always thought of them as blueprints.  Many names, same gist.  The popular manifestation teachings (e.g. Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks, The Secret, etc.) have made accessible the hermetic maxim “As above so below.”  Journeying from the quintessential, etheric thought or idea to its physically formed structure has been greatly de-mystified, and I think that’s wonderful.

[Side-note:  Maybe we can find/create ways to get other noble ideas into the mainstream market.  Can you imagine wisdom or sustainability going viral?]

Personal alchemy.

From the beginning of this study, I said my intent was informal and non-academic.  I wanted to learn how to apply alchemical principles to bring about transformation in my life, here and now.  The Square of Opposition on page 86 gives that chance.  It’s a simple map to a balanced temperament.  My nature is dominantly Air, and I have long known my need for groundedness… earthiness.  I agree with Jung’s observation that a balancing of the elements is integrative work.  Probably for the duration of my lifetime.  I was surprised to learn that “we can only move around and not across the Square of Opposition… direct transformation of opposing Elements into one another is not possible.”  This is an incredibly helpful insight to/for me.  Did any of you work with the Square?

Matter in its most basic form.

All while enjoying this chapter, I kept hearing Carl Sagan’s famous words in my head and heart, “We’re made of star stuff.”  Since I didn’t get my own video reflection prepared this week, I’ll offer this instead for your stellar pondering 😉


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§ 6 Responses to Erika – Chapter 7

  • Erika, wonderful piece. Thank you!

    To your excellent comment:

    [Side-note: Maybe we can find/create ways to get other noble ideas into the mainstream market. Can you imagine wisdom or sustainability going viral?]

    This is the aim of Ishtar’s Gate.

    Sometimes, the most incredble wisdom gets shared on the Gate, and often straight from the spirits. But even when the spirits aren’t playing on the forum, we have some very wise and knowledgable posters including and by no means least, David. I send it all viral by posting the main discussion threads on Twitter and Facebook where, between them, we have around 2,000 friends and followers. They then Retweet it or share it on Facebook with their followers and so on. That’s why some discussion threads can have more than 200 views registered on them just on the first post. My aim is certainly to send this wisdom viral…. and you’d be very welcome to join us!

    • Erika Harris says:

      “It is our view that until man understands his integral part in all that has been and all that will be, he will continually act from a place of greed, hatred and delusion, thereby continuing to destroy his world.

      It is our view that as man understands his integral part in all that has been and all that will be, he will continually act from a place of grace, love and clear perception, thereby continuing the everyday joy of just being alive.

      So Ishtar’s Gate is here to serve those who wish to know the true story of man – who he really is, where he really came from and his place within the context of Time, Space and Cognition.”

      What a GLORIOUS mission, Ishtar! I thank you for inviting me in to it. There is strong resonance, and I shall be by to play sometime 🙂

  • Erika, following my previous comment, I just remembered that this post on the Gate the other day sums up how the current world changes are being driven by the new quantum thinking in science going viral. Here it is:

    Basil Hiley is Emiretus professor of theoretical physics in Birbeck College, London, but he speaks very simply here, for those of us who never paid attention in physics, about why and how the new physics, which is finding through quantum mechanics that we are all One, is what’s driving the change in the collective consciousness which, in turn, is driving world change.

    He explains that while the reductionism of Newton gave us great machines and technology, the very reductionism on which it’s based has taught us the view that we’re all separate individuals made up of separate atoms and this has led to fragmentation and conflict.

    A living metaphor for this would be, if anyone caught it, the sight of David Cameron in Cairo yesterday, promoting peace and democracy while accompanied by about 20 British arms dealers.

    An example of quantum mechanics in action is world change in consciousness driven by social media like Facebook and Twitter.

    We will always fight each other so long as we base our philosophy of life on what we were taught in the physics laboratory ~ and now I’m glad that I didn’t pay attention because, I now realise, I must have known instinctively that, at a fundamental level, it was wrong. 😀

    (By the way, someone needs to tell Gaddafi.)

    The You Tube video is here:

  • David says:

    Hi Erika,

    The Elemental Square really is useful isn’t it? It was nice to find a fuller explanation of it in CIGA, my roommate has been using it for her holistic and herbal medicine work. Dennis’ fuller explanation really opened up the idea to me.


    Does Basil Hiley discuss Newton’s study of alchemy, I wonder if his science is truly reductionist or if it’s been the interpretations of it that has caused this idea of separation.

    • Erika Harris says:

      Hey David! Very cool to hear of your roommate’s use of it. It also reminds me a little of a taste palate… like how a dash of salt really brings forth the goodness of cookies or cake. I agree that CIGA’s treatment of it added dimensions and facets I hadn’t before considered. Feels like a perfect, and ubiquitous, laboratory.

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