What We’re Studying

The Art of Transformations study group is currently focusing on Dennis William Hauck’s primer, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Alchemy.

From the publisher’s description:

More than magic… 

Where else can one combine chemistry and philosophy to turn base metal into gold while discovering a magical elixir to prolong life? Here’s a simple and straightforward guide to alchemy that explains its basic principles. Written by one of the world’s few practicing alchemists, it’s a concise reference guide that provides easy-to-follow information so that anybody can be a wizard-in-training.

About the Author

Dennis William Hauck, the author of The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation and The Sorcerer’s Stone: A Beginner’s Guide to Alchemy, is a consultant and lecturer who facilitates personal and institutional transformation through the application of the ancient principles of alchemy. The editor of the Alchemy Journal, Hauck has translated a number of important alchemy manuscripts dating back to the 13th century and sits on the board of directors of the International Alchemy Guild.


Schedule for the group:

We’re studying one chapter a week, and will be posting new reactions on Sunday starting January 2nd. Check back or subscribe to keep up to date with our progress. This study session is being lead by Erika Harris, Creator of Lifeblazing, and David Metcalfe, Co-founder of Open Myth Source.

Whether actively or passively we invite you to come with us in our studies. You can follow us via email by clicking the sign up button on the right hand margin of the page or consider participating directly by sending your reflections on the Path to: theartoftransformations @ gmail.com or by posting your thoughts via YouTube or podcast and sending us the link.

You don’t have to read every chapter to have a voice in the discussion, we appreciate any thoughts, fragments or passing reveries you might want to share.


§ 23 Responses to What We’re Studying

  • […] I want to deepen my exploration of that art.  Starting Sunday, January 2, 2011, David Metcalfe and I will co-lead a free, fun, weekly online study group for alchemy called THE ART OF TRANSFORMATIONS. […]

  • Erika Harris says:

    I am so excited to jump into this!

  • I’m jumpin wit ya. Karen too probably. But wait! I just ordered my book. It probably won’t be here by Jan. 2. Oh whats a poor boy to do? I’m not poor so I can figure it out. I’ll alchemically change time, or delivery date, or let the universe handle it. no! wait! I’ll just…….

  • I alchemically got the Universe to solve this problem for me. Thanks Erica Universe and David universe.

  • Hello All,

    I’m looking forward to joining in the discussion.

    I’ve ordered my copy from Amazon here in the UK and they’re promising to deliver it any time from Jan 1 to Jan 10. So I’ll join is as soon as it arrives, unless anyone can point me to any extracts from it on the web anywhere?

    Many thanks!


    • David says:

      Awesome to see you here Ishtar! Looking forward to your insights.

      For other folks looking at this, make sure to check out Ishtar’s Gate: http://www.ishtarsgate.com/ a forum where archaeology, archaeogenetics and anthropology meet mythology and shamanism to explore the true history of early man.

  • Ah, sorry … I see someone’s already posted a link to an extract. Thank you, Erika!

  • Geoffrey says:

    For those of you who are curious about who you will be hanging with but have not figured out the telepathy part (me included) you can look at the “about me” section of my website. http://www.grosenberg.com. Word of warning! This website is only for the initiated! Read only the About me section. If You try to read anything else, I can’t be responsible for the consequences. Geoffrey

    P.S. If you don’t read it, I also can’t be responsible for the consequences

  • Hi Erika, Geoffrey and David,

    Thank you for the kind welcome! I’m very glad to be here. I need to learn about this subject for my new book on Plato’s Atlantis. From what little I know about the subjects, in reading Plato’s Atlantis, Hermetic metaphors and alchemic processes are jumping out at me. So I’m having to get to grips with Hermeticism and alchemy fast ~ and what could be better than a dummies guide to alchemy and some very bright people to discuss it with?

    Geoffrey, I looked at your website and found this:

    “For you conspiracy theorists, what ever the conspiracy, the intended results can’t operate in the new operating system, so change your focus and really start developing your heart and share heart energy …”

    Can I just say, that is absolutely my experience too! Over the winter solstice/lunar eclipse in particular, I was aware of big changes taking place within the energetic templates that govern the operating system, and for me here in Glastonbury, at least,it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life.

    My view is that the best alchemy is unconditional love, straight from the heart. However, I still need to know what Plato and all these other guys were on about! LOL!



  • William Goit says:

    Hello Everyone, Geoffrey invited me to put in my two cents worth. I agree that unconditional love is the key to alchemy. All is love, alchemy is all chemistry. The hidden paradox here is Will. Alchemy implies you want something. Something from no-thing. What do you want? If you say I dont want anything, alchemy is the wrong term to be using . Alchemy is transformation. What is being transformed? What is your desire for this transformation. Dollars to donuts says in the back of all of our minds is money. Say it isnt so! This is fine by me. I am pleased with my spiritual progress. The slow parade of folks into my acupuncture clinic these days is a pain. My study is Taoist Alchemy. The goal (as in all alchemy) is a transformation of vibration-energy-consciousness. This is difficult when the bills are giving you the stink eye. The typical solution is no desire-things-thought=freedom. Yes this is tried and true. This is not the 13th century. Wandering around in robes with a begging bowl, dispensing free advise and raising everyones vibration you encounter, will probably get you arrested. Hanging around the house, projecting your energy into the 5th dimension, or perhaps the internet. Will influence a few, a trickle of gold may come your way, but the tactics required are often insincere. Sincerity is the key to alchemy. Service to humans is vital. Being a well paid servant is what I will bet most of us have in mind. I have been at the service game all of my life. It is tough getting a cornered rat to give up a little cheese. Most of us are feeing a bit trapped these days. Am I shape shifting, where is this long tail and whiskers coming from. Everyone is feeling it. The 3d structures are failing. As bad as these structures are, they feed us. WE need to create new ways of procuring our daily bread. I dont know about you, but I deserve the finer things. I will settle for less, but not with out a fight. Hopefully we are not here to share techniques. I know of lots of them. yawn. I feel we need a group focus on individual goals. What ever that means. I have been conducting more chi than ever lately. Channeling it in ways that have worked countless times before, and still the cornered rats with their miserable little stock of cheese, are merely trickling through the door. Action makes will strong. Will makes action complete. I have not seen the book. I will get it soon. Regardless of what it says. I feel the day of the lonely alchemist , conjuring up what ever are over. Oneness is where we are headed. A group focus seems obvious to me. I have been at the butt end of many group endevours. Those dog days are over. I feel a group of like minded INDIVIDUALS, with diverse yet similar goals in mind. Focusing towards the same degree of latitude and platitudes will be unstoppable. LETS DANCE shall we? Much Lovelight, William. Adonia

    • We must already be Alchemicaly changing time because it is December 29 at 12:09pm AS I write and William’s post is dated December 29 at 3:39 PM. And his clock time is 3 hrs Behind mine!Even taking into consideration moderation time, we must be inside a hexaflexagon. (That’s a real thing by the way. I made one in high school) Oh, also by the way, WELCOME WILLIAM!

    • Erika Harris says:

      William, I LOVE to dance 😉 Here’s a warm welcome to you! With big thanks to Geoffrey for bringing you to the party. Wouldn’t it be interesting if alchemy could have some direct and favorable bearing on your accupuncture practice? That’s the child’s mind I’m working with, anyway!

      • Erin Baumgardt says:

        Erika, I was born a Pollyanna with a large bottle of Pixie Dust, which facilitates all sorts of sychronicity, serendipity, synergy. The lid is not child-proof. It’s adult-proof, and laughs at left-brain attempts to open it. Trust me, I’ve tried all too often. It can only be opened with the heart.

        Thank you Geoffrey for the nudge for me to be here. I’m eager to see what unfolds for all of us. I can already feel the powerful energy swelling!

      • Erika Harris says:

        What a blast of wonder-wow you bring with you, Erin!! I’m so glad you’re here! This will be a voyage into lid-less learning :-). Geoffrey, triple-thanks to you for nudging her 😉 Sorry for the slow start today everyone. My Chapter 1 video is uploading — more slowly than molasses on a bitter cold day.

  • Hello everyone,

    I’m not really sure about the best way to partake in this discussion, as I don’t know how to video myself and there doesn’t seem to be any functionality on here for 1. quoting extracts and 2. posting pictures, which is the way I like to write. So what I thought I’d do is set up a thread about this on my forum, Ishtar’s Gate, and post my thoughts on there. That way, our members get to benefit too, which is an added bonus.

    So I have just done started this new discussion, and the first post gives my initial impressions of the book so far, and it also picks out the bits in which I’m particularly interested with my current ongoing research on Plato and Hermeticism. Anyway, if you’d like to read it, it here: http://www.ishtarsgate.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=1694&p=13958#p13958

  • Dennis’ book is a nice place to start this kind of dialogue – a fine choice. Will the discussion continue with chapters 18-23, at some stage? I’m joining quite late, with 17 chapters down and just six remaining … kudos to all involved for your efforts so far!

    • David says:

      Most certainly, we’ve just hit an exceptionally potent period that’s caused a bit of a lag in posting. You could say we’ve been practicing more than we preach. ; )

      Fantastic to have you join us, I’ll work on adding you to the site so you can post directly.

      For those of you who haven’t checked out http://www.salamanderandsons.com I would definitely encourage you to do so. They are one of a small coterie of independent publishers currently working to revive the full expression of the esoteric arts. They publish the Alchemy Journal, and new works by some of the most active folks in contemporary practice.

      • Yes, let’s all practice for the sake of IT and forget about the preaching (here in Buddhist Thailand I have rather zealous Christian missionaries for neighbours, so have tasted enough preaching to last me till the end of my days).
        I note that you reviewed Clare Goodrick-Clarke’s recent text. Will you be moving on to a full study of her book, once study of Dennis’ TCIGT Alchemy has concluded? Or something else in mind?

  • Apologies for absence.

    Thoroughly enjoyed Hauck’s book for the theory but then wanted to put some of it into practise.

    I’ve been making spagyrics (read here in Saturn’s Return and the Prodigal Son: http://ishtarsgate.wordpress.com/2011/10/29/saturns-return-and-the-prodigal-son/) and also getting to know the spirits of the medieval alchemist monks of Glastonbury Abbey (see Re-membering the Last Abbot Alchemist of Glastonbury http://ishtarsgate.wordpress.com/2011/09/03/re-membering-the-last-abbot-alchemist-of-glastonbury/) who are teaching me about alchemy in Biblical allegories, (see The Great Work, The Crucifixion and the Marriage at Cana http://ishtarsgate.wordpress.com/2011/08/24/the-great-work-the-crucifixion-and-the-marriage-at-cana/).


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